Shaping Minds in Healthcare Inc. takes pride in creating a culture built on strong values and serving the community. We achieve this culture through supporting many voluntary community service programs that align with our mission, and fostering alliances with organizations.

Terry Fox Research Institute and Terry Fox Foundation

The Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI) celebrated their 35th anniversary in 2015. The TFRI functions as the research arm of the Terry Fox Foundation. The Institute invests and manages money to fund discovery and translational research for future scientists and clinicians in cancer research.

Debbie Duclos, President and Founder, Shaping Minds in Healthcare Inc. is proud to recognize the contributions that this organization makes in research for cancer. It is through this type of research that we have better ways to detect, diagnose and treat cancer today, and help patients to live longer and with a better quality of life.

Please visit the Terry Fox Research Institute website to learn more about the organization, to consider volunteering with the Foundation, or making a donation.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center and The Sunnybrook Foundation

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center is one of Canada’s largest hospitals touching the lives of many patients every day with quality care and critical support. The Sunnybrook Foundation is apart of the hospital to support the advancement of the world-class health sciences center, via active fundraising, education and equipment initiatives at the center.

Debbie Duclos, President and Founder, Shaping Minds in Healthcare Inc. is personally grateful and proud to recognize the quality of care that the Sunnybrook Health Science Center and Sunnybrook Foundation offers in their research, and Cancer Care. Please visit The Sunnybrook Foundation website and consider volunteering or making a donation.

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